For special requests or allergen information, please use the Contact page
For special requests or allergen information, please use the Contact page
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Cream Tea Package
Cream Tea Package

Cream Tea Package

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This is a package designed for 2 people (or any multiple of 2 if you are having a wee party) to have a first class cream tea from the comfort of their own home. Perfect to bring to a friend’s house to have a catch up over some delicious handmade treats. The package comes with a jar of Benningtons raspberry jam and a pot of clotted cream so you just need to provide the tea!

Choose your flavours and select your quantity of guests.

Scone flavours:

  • Plain scones with a fine crunchy coating of sugar on top. Classic and comforting.
  • Mixed Berry and Cinnamon scones generously packed with raspberries and blackberries and finished with a cinnamon sugar topping. Karen’s personal favourite.
  • Lemon and white chocolate scones flavoured with lemon zest, dotted with white chocolate chunks and finished with a lemon sugar topping and a drizzle of white chocolate. Sweet and delicious with Benningtons raspberry jam.

Miniature sponge cake flavours:

  • Vanilla sponge with homemade salted caramel sauce and caramel buttercream.
  • Lemon sponge with homemade lemon curd and buttercream.

Brownie flavours:

  • Chocolate Orange - you’ll thank yourself for choosing this one.
  • Chocolate and Peanut Butter - salty and sweet. (Contains Nuts)

Petit Four options:

  • The fruit and nut mendiants are little pools of Callebaut chocolate topped with dried cranberries, chopped almonds and a sprinkle of almond praline. (Contains Nuts)
  • The cookies and cranberry mendiants are little pools of white chocolate topped with dried cranberries, oreo pieces and a sprinkle of crushed oreo. (Contains Nuts)

Mini Cupcake options:

  • Vanilla sponge with a layer of homemade raspberry jam and a swirl of buttercream.
  • Chocolate sponge with a swirl of chocolate buttercream and a drizzle of homemade caramel sauce.

Mini traybake options:

  • Malteser Squares - buttery and indulgent.
  • Chocolate Fifteens - just like the original but with chopped milk chocolate rather than cherries - very popular with children and teens!

Note: If you are having more than 2 guests and you’d like different flavour options you can just choose your flavours, select the 2 people option, add to your basket and then go again for another 2 guests choosing different flavours each time.